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Countdown to Countdown!

Big news today as the Axion test-net launch has been scheduled, with main-net launch set for exactly 7 days later, pending no bugs or issues are found during test-net.

Exciting times ahead as the Axion whitepaper and website have both been completely reworked, and will be delivered soon!

During test-net, there will be a bounty program whereby users can participate and look for any bugs or critical problems in the UI and contract interaction. Bounties are paid in AXN and there will be a Google form rolled out for test-net submissions.

Critical bugs : $10,000

Non-critical optional bugs : $2,000

Aesthetic fixes : $500

Axion has been in pre-sale for more than 3 months now. The community is stronger than ever, and everyone here; is here for a reason.

Axion is a scalable, global economy designed to increase the purchasing power of everyone participating, and it's right around the corner!

Credit card and mobile app integrations will follow mainnet launch! AXN will be a currency, able to be spent and sent easily and easily in transactions worldwide.

There are still less than 10,000 holders currently. The journey is really just about to begin.

Many speculate Axion will dump after main-net goes live. But I highly encourage you to learn more about the mechanics of the staking and buy back functions in the Axion smart contract.

Remember; when AXN is staked it is removed from the circulating supply. Market cap is determined by circulating supply X price. Therefore the more AXN that is staking the higher the price discovery can go. This doesn't even include the buy back mechanism.

The Axion smart contract is designed to use 80% of the Ethereum that comes into the lobby to buy back AXN on Uniswap and distribute it to stakers. This will pamp the price. Combine these two factors and you have a moon mission unlike anything the crypto space has yet to even materialize.

Let the countdown to countdown begin...



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